Vervve Academy
3 Year BBA Degree With Aviation

Vervve Aviation Academy offers an integrated program combining a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with Aviation and Hospitality Management (AHM). This program is designed to equip students with a strong foundation in business administration while providing specialized knowledge and skills relevant to the aviation and hospitality industries. The BBA component of the program focuses on business principles, management practices, and entrepreneurship. Simultaneously, the Aviation and Hospitality Management (AHM) component of the program delves into the specific nuances of the aviation and hospitality sectors.

Vervve Aviation Academy's BBA and Aviation and Hospitality Management Program Offers A Unique Blend Of Business Administration Education With Specialized Knowledge In Aviation and Hospitality. By integrating these two disciplines, the program prepares graduates for leadership positions in the dynamic and rapidly evolving aviation and hospitality industries, where they can leverage their business acumen and industry-specific expertise to drive success and innovation.

Course Description ?

Bachelor of Business Administration with Aviation and Hospitality Management (BBA with AHM) is a 3-year full-time undergraduate aviation course in combination with Hospitality Management. This course is ideal for those who aspire to shape their career through managerial responsibilities. Students can equip them with the knowledge to identify and deal with problems in an ever-expanding aviation industry. They will gain a strong background in the aviation management field as well as business and leadership practices. In this dual degree program, candidates will learn about airport planning, airport security, passenger forecasting, aerodrome works, fire safety, dangerous goods, and many other related topics. The BBA, or Bachelor of Business Administration, program falls under the undergraduate courses offered by the university. This learning program primarily focuses on intermediate business skills, and students from any stream can join. BBA programs are essential in part-time and distance modes. However, we always recommend getting admission in some presumed BBA colleges in Karnataka so that you can also get into the post-graduation management programs afterward. Vervve Academy is one of the top colleges in Karnataka, and we have designed our programs using all quantitative and qualitative methods. If you are pursuing your bachelor’s degree from any top BBA college, then you can effortlessly get the chance in MBA or PGDM programs. BBA courses are mainly structured around business operations, marketing, and management. 


An ideal course for those who wish to join management and operations jobs in aviation

Students can choose further education programs like post-graduation

Make sure you have the knowledge and professionalism required by the airline industry.

Can choose among different aviation jobs like airline finance management, accounting posts and others

Industry-oriented syllabus with a special focus on experimental learning

Placement support and research-oriented projects for every student

Opportunity to visit airports and experience live training.